Graphene Quantum Dots (GQD)

Graphene Quantum Dots (GQD)

Graphene Quantum Dots are nanoparticles with size less than 100 nm and mostly between 2-20 nm. They have outstanding properties like exceptional biocompatibility, electronic and photoluminescence properties with high surface to volume ratio.

GQDs can disperse in water very easily. GQDs energy band gaps can be adjusted by varying their size. GQDs photoluminescence can be changed paralelly with tuning the band gap.

Applications of Graphene Quantum Dots 

Due to their small size, biocompatibility and low toxicity Graphene Quantum Dots have better usage than graphene and graphene oxide in terms of medical applications like:

  • Drug delivery systems.

Due to their electrical and photoluminescence properties they can also be used in:

  • Bioimaging,
  • Solar cells,
  • LEDs,
  • Sensors,
  • Supercapacitors/microsupercapacitors.
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