Holey Graphene

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  • Holey Graphene
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Holey Graphene


Holey graphene is known as graphene sheet contains large number of holes/pores. The locations of the holes are important. The distribution of the holes must be uniform. Holey graphene still holds the properties of graphene but holey graphene has higher surface area, ion diffusion capacity, chemical reactivity and less stacked nanosheets than graphene. Because of this properties holey graphene shows better electrochemical performance.

As the Nanografi, we supply Holey Graphene with high quantities and more types for different applications and requirements. 

Applications of Holey Graphene

Due to their electrochemical, chemical and mechanic properties holey graphene used in;

  • Energy storage,
  • Supercapacitors,
  • Water desalination,
  • Mobile power supply in various amount of devices.

 Technical Properties of Holey Graphene

Sheet Resistance 602 ohm/sqr
Electrical Conductivity     >800 S/m
Volume Resistivity 0.06 ohm.cm
Pore Size >50 nm

XRD Analysis

TEM Images

Raman Analysis

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