The 6th International Meeting on Silicene will be held at SOLEIL in France. Silicene is the silicon analog of graphene, which has attracted great interest in the past few years as it may provide a possibility to combine novel concepts, such as Dirac fermions and spintronics with the traditional silicon technology. As both theoretical and experimental works are rapidly increasing, many open questions still demand to be answered. The “International Meeting on Silicene” is aimed to stimulate discussions among researchers in this growing field, to establish collaborations and to bring more researchers into the fascinating silicene research.

The topics of this meeting will cover all aspects of silicene, such as theoretical predictions and proposals, experimental fabrication, physics and chemistry properties, measurement of electronic and optical properties, devices and applications. The meeting also encourages researchers from relative research fields, such as graphene and other 2D materials, to stimulate new ideas by discussions in a broader while relevant field.